Our Needlepoint Finishing Services

Below are the needlepoint finishing services that we provide.

*** VERY IMPORTANT: Please be sure you have read our Measuring Guidelines, BEFORE completing your Needlepoint Finishing Form. All customers are responsible for providing us with a correct measurement for any needlepoint finishing. ***

General Information

  1. You should have a binding stitch or stitch 2 extra rows (for a fold finish) on the top and bottom of the belt or key fob for turning.
  2. Leave at least 2” of plain stitched needlepoint background on each end of your work so that no meaningful pattern will be covered (1” for key fobs).
  3. For belts with leather on each end, the stitched portion of your canvas should be 4” shorter than the belt measurement. For example, for a 36” finished belt size, stitch 32" of canvas in total. This measurement includes the 2" on each end that will be covered by leather.
  4. The best way to measure the belt size is from the tip of the buckle to the most used hole in a belt that is currently being worn. This measurement is the size that we will make your needlepoint belt to the center hole of the 5 adjustment holes. Unless you bring/send a sizing belt in, all corrections will be the responsibility of the customer so please measure carefully.
  5. Blocking is recommended but not required.



Get your completed belt canvas finished into a wonderful keepsake.

Belt Rebuild/Resize

Rebuild or Resize Your Old Needlepoint Belt

Camera Strap

Snap those photos in style! Needlepoint camera straps are all the rage now!

Coaster - Round

Finish your coasters in style with our new design.

Coaster - Square

Finish your coasters in style with our new design.

Needlepoint Collar

Get your completed dog collar canvas finished into a wonderful item for your pet.

Cuff Bracelet

Finished in soft leather for ultimate comfort, our needlepoint cuff bracelets are a new spin on an old classic.

Glasses Keepers

Keep those shades on your head!

Key Fob

Get your completed key fob canvas finished into a wonderful item.

Purse Strap

Be the envy of all your friends with a custom purse strap!