Belt Rebuilds & Resizing


Rebuild or Resize Your Old Needlepoint Belt

Do you have a needlepoint belt that you can’t quite fit into comfortably anymore? Do you have an older needlepoint belt that belonged to your father/mother (or grandfather/grandmother or favorite aunt/uncle) that doesn’t fit you but you’ve saved it as a way of remembering them? Depending on the condition of the belt, we can resize or completely rebuild a needlepoint belt so that it fits you (or someone else) and looks like a new belt. 


Belt Resize

We take your belt and, leaving the original backing in place, replace only the billet and/or buckle ends with new leather, sized to the finished measurement you provide. When the belt is worn it appears new as you cannot see where the new ends have been added unless you take the belt off and look at the back. If this is a belt that was originally finished by us that needs to be made larger or smaller, we may only need to replace one end, depending on how much larger or smaller the belt needs to be. The pricing depends on whether we have to replace one or both ends. For a resize of 3” or less, only the buckle end need be changed ($25). For an increase in size of more than 3”, both billet and buckle ends will need to be changed out ($50) 


Belt Rebuild

We will take your old belt and completely remove the needlepoint from the belt backing so that we are left with only the needlepoint canvas. We then take the old needlepoint canvas and add all new leather backing, billet and buckle ends. If the belt that you want rebuilt was previously finished by Hill Top Leather Shop the charge will be ($60). If the rebuild is for a belt not finished by Hill Top Leather Shop, the charge will be ($80).


Note: If your needlepoint belt is very old, we may not be able to rebuild it as the needlepoint may be too fragile to withstand being removed from its backing without damaging it. If you are not sure you can send us the belt and we will give you a call to discuss your options.

Rebuild/Resize Prices

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