Sunglasses Strap Finishing Requirements

Stitch Count


We ask that canvases sent in for sunglasses straps be no larger than 18 count canvas as the larger canvases are much too heavy to be used for this style of finishing.

Width (Without binding stitch)

 Glasses Keeper canvases must be 18 rows tall without a binding stitch.  This includes 2 extra rows of stitching above and below the design , otherwise, when we fold under 2 rows on the top and bottom of your canvas, you will lose part of your design.   So, of the 18 rows of stitching, you have only 14 rows that may be used for your design.


 Stitched portion of canvas should be 12 inches long. About 1” of the stitching on each end will be covered by leather so keep this in mind when stitching/designing your canvas. 

Width (With a binding stitch)

 Glasses Keeper canvases with a binding stitch must be 12 rows tall (stitch 12 rows and then add your binding stitch).   So, of the 12 rows of stitching, you have  12 rows that may be used for your design. 

Finishing Price

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